Cloud Upload

How Bankruptcy Documents Handles Uploads From Counsel

All uploads from debtor counsel are considered to contain PII (personally identifiable information), and as such all files are transferred from counsel to using strong TLS/SSL security. Check the security status of our website using the Qualys SSL Labs test!

Once uploaded, documents are stored while awaiting download by the Trusteeship. All documents are encrypted while at-rest using GnuPG public key encryption. Using these methods, ensures maximum security for all documents while in various stages of transfer.

How Long are Documents Stored?

The Trustee can choose for documents to be marked for immediate deletion after download or to have documents expunged regularly seven (7) days after download. All documents are deleted securely using a triple pass random byte fill deletion method. This method conforms to basic Department of Defense (DoD) level secure file deletion methods.

Information at your Fingertips?

For more information on how Bankruptcy Documents secures debtor Personally Identifiable Information (PII), send an e-mail to info at with your questions.