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Bankruptcy Software Specialists

Bankruptcy Documents couples directly with Bankruptcy Software Specialists TNG case management software, allowing a seamless experience for Trustees. By directly attaching documents to cases, 13 Documents provides an end-to-end secure file transfer service for your case management system. You will have confidence that documents uploaded at will be accurately attached to your cases.

Leveraging existing document routing rules, Bankruptcy Documents allows your administrative staff to use existing skills to notify users of document receipt and processing. You may also take advantage of SQL Update strings for document downloads from Bankruptcy Documents.

What About "Custom" Features?

Have a special feature implemented just for your office? Does this feature aid in document routing or notification? No problem! Contact support at to discuss how Bankruptcy Documents can implement your custom features.


Providing secure document transfer services for Trustees is only part of the implementation of Bankruptcy Documents. Saving the Trustee and their employees time is the next step. Bankruptcy Documents can help Satori customers as well.

Currently Bankruptcy Documents allows Trustees using the TrustWin case management software, from Satori, the ability to import documents downloaded from into your document tree. This is accomplished by using TrustWin's own document import program. The Bankruptcy Documents client application will deposit documents into your import folder and TrustWin does the rest.

More to Come!

Bankruptcy Documents is actively developed to provide the most advanced security for document transfers to Bankruptcy Trustees. New features for the TrustWin case management software may be completed already! For more information on how Bankruptcy Documents can help you, contact us, at info at


Is your case management system not listed? That does not stop you from using Bankruptcy Documents. With your help, we will work with your case management vendor to integrate Bankruptcy Documents with your software.

Don't want integration? Still want secure file transfers from your debtor bar? Bankruptcy Documents can help! You may use Bankruptcy Documents to act as a secure file portal which will download and deposit documents onto a server in your office with an index file.

Do You Want to Know More?

Contact us today to see how we can help you provide a secure file transfer service. Protecting debtor Personally Identifiable Information (PII) is our primary focus! Send your questions to info at now.